De Spruddler have been around since 2004. Their name originates in the dialect “spruddelen” which freely translates to “speak, ideas”. They have started off singing “Rheinische Songs” (Songs in a regional dialect) during Carneval. The following years, they recorded their first Cd’s and played very succesfull gigs such as: SWR4-Wanderspaß and the SWR4 – Summerfestival “Tanz Auf Dem Vulkan”. Furthermore they played at the SWR3 gig “Fröhlicher Alltag”. This show got recorded and broadcasted on tv, as were many other shows.

In 2009, the twins Gerd und Fred, the only remaining Spruddler, recorded new songs with composer Michael Meimann. These recordings were the start of a new beginning. With these songs de Spruddler showed their Party and Dance side. Because of this, in 2009, de Spruddler were able to reach the charts in Mallorca and in Luxemburg. With the Song “Poldi is zoröck am Dom”, de Spruddler were able to entertain 15.000 people in Koblenz while Lukas Podolski accompanied them on stage.


From Juli 2010 until the summer of 2012, de Spruddler were represented by publisher and record label Zwiefel Musicgroup.


In 2011 de Spruddler had the privilege to work with musical geniuses such as BB-Jürgen, Buddy and Sabotage. They even played with Tim Toupet, one of the biggest Party musicians on Mallorca.


With the release of ZICKEZACKE-HALLIGALLI in 2012, de Spruddler started promoting their songs under their own Spruddler label.

Gerd Thelen & Fred Thelen            Michael Meimann

Script writers and singers              Composer

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